The Cast of Ka Episode 10: Book Two – The Prisoner: Chapter 5

On this episode of The Cast of Ka, we recap and review chapter five of The Drawing of Three, Showdown & Shootout. We discuss buck nekkid firefights, non consensual lobster dinners, catching Tower-fever, and cuddling Mid-World-style.

The Cast of Ka: Episode 10

Stream Queens Episode 16: Let Us Prey

In this episode of the Stream Queens, Rachel and Marrs arise from metaphorical crashing seas to review Let Us Prey. We also discuss barbed wire garments, the undeniable handsomeness of Liam Cunningham, and the appeal of romancing the Devil.

 Stream Queens Horror Podcast Episode 16

The Cast of Ka Episode 9: Book Two – The Prisoner: Chapter 4

On this episode of The Cast of Ka, we recap and review chapter 4 of The Drawing of Three, The Tower. We discuss Roland and Eddie’s growing bond, NSFW injection sites, houses of cards and the mobsters who love them, and of course, SUGARGASMS.

The Cast of Ka: Episode 9

Zombie Grrlz Episode 48: Liquid Sky & Under the Skin

In this episode, we find out what happens when Matilda takes over programming for an episode, things get arty, kinky, and super weird—just like we like it. Her picks: Liquid Sky and Under the Skin. We discuss the ways in which female sexuality is weaponized; how the depiction of queerness and drug culture was changed by the AIDS epidemic in the ’80s; and Rachel longs for a return to Jem and Holograms makeup.

Zombie Grrlz Horror Podcast Episode 47

The Cast of Ka Episode 8: Book Two – The Prisoner: Chapter 3

The Cast of Ka is back and we are super excited to dig into chapter three of The Drawing of Three, Contact and Landing. On this episode, we cover Roland and Eddie’s airport bathroom meet cute, going “cool turkey,” and how smuggling coke is a lot easier if you have a portal to an alternate reality handy.

The Cast of Ka: Episode 8

Stream Queens Episode 15: They Look Like People

In this episode of the Scream Queens, Rachel and Marrs catch the paranoia with the (possibly) apocalyptic indie They Look Like People. We talk beautiful bromances, the chilling power of the uncanny when paired with stellar sound design, accurate and nuanced depictions of mental illness in film, and the scariest damn paper bag in cinematic history.

Stream Queens Horror Podcast Episode 15

Zombie Grrlz Episode 47: 2016 in Review

Ahhh, 2016… what a naive time it was. We all complained about it being the worst year, like, evar. If only we had known…

Zombie Grrlz Horror Podcast Episode 47

The Cast of Ka Episode 7: Book 2 – Prologue – The Prisoner: Chapter 2

On this episode we kick off the second book in the Dark Tower series, The Drawing of Three! We argue like a couple of lobstrocities over Roland’s fate in these early chapters, talk magic doors, old-timey weapons, and Deejay is forced to confess to his time spent in a Florida slammer.

The Cast of Ka: Episode 7

Stream Queens Episode 14: The Pact

For this week’s episode of the Stream Queens, Rachel and Marrs geek out over spectral hands and secret-room-creepers with our review of The Pact. We discuss how to incorporate technology into horror for maximum spooky impact, debate the actual meaning of “the pact,” and why movie twists are totally wasted on Detective Marrs, narrative gumshoe extraordinaire.

Stream Queens Horror Podcast Episode 14

Zombie Grrlz Episode 46: Hand that Rocks the Cradle & Mother’s Day

In this episode we dig into one of our favorite things here at Zombie Grrlz HQ: Motherhood horror. Explodey Jo selected this episode’s films The Hand that Rocks the Cradle and Mother’s Day (2010). Way back in episode 29, we explored the theme of reluctant motherhood, but this time around it’s about the polar opposite—when the the maternal instinct is too strong. Dark stuff, folks. Dark. Stuff.

Zombie Grrlz Horror Podcast Episode 46

The Cast of Ka Episode 6: Book One – Chapter 5

On this episode of The Cast of Kawe wrap up The Gunslinger with a discussion of the final chapter, The Gunslinger and The Man and Black (a.k.a. The Last Temptation of Roland Deschain). Brace yourself folks, as things are about to get a whole lot more metaphysical.

The Cast of Ka: Episode 6

Stream Queens Episode 13: From the Dark

For this week’s episode of the Stream Queens, Rachel and Marrs dig deep into the metaphorical peat moss bog of Netflix to review a little film called From the Dark. We talk Irish vampire folklore, kick ass ladies in horror, our love for (and likely totally uniformed American idea of) Irish culture, and geek out over bog mummies and butter (yes, I said butter).

Stream Queens Horror Podcast Episode 13

Zombie Grrlz Episode 45: Asylum

This week, Ariel takes the wheel—joined by Rachel, Sarah, and Matilda—with her staff pick, the oh-so-’70s anthology, Asylum. We talk shady ’70s psychiatric practices, disembodied limb revenge, morn the loss of genteel men in ascots, and debate the dangers of wainscotting in mental care facilities.

 Zombie Grrlz Horror Podcast Episode 45

The Cast of Ka Episode 5: Book One – Chapter 4

Welcome back! On this episode of The Cast of Ka, we head under the mountain for an in-depth discussion of Chapter Four of The Gunslinger, The Slow Mutants. We discuss the decaying retro future sci-fi world of the Dark Tower and how to survive Mid-world Cronenbergs.

The Cast of Ka: Episode 5

Stream Queens Episode 12: They’re Watching

In this week’s episode of the Stream Queens, we head the backwoods of Moldova for a review of They’re Watching. We talk amphibian symbolism, how to spot a witch in three easy steps, why Ivan is the MVP of this movie, and we put the Marrs Rule to the test again (spoiler alert: It holds up!).

Stream Queens Horror Podcast Episode 12

Zombie Grrlz Episode 44: Stranger Things

This week Rachel, Ariel, Sarah, and Matilda take on this summer’s most hyped show, Stranger Things! We talk being self-identified Barbs, ’80s homages, our concerns about Nancy, and one ZG confesses to her epic pre-teen Winona Ryder crush. We also discuss fever dreams, Rob Zombie’s latest joint 31, and indoctrinating the youth with horror.

Zombie Grrlz Horror Podcast Episode 44

The Cast of Ka Episode 4: Book One – Chapter 3

Welcome back! In this episode of The Cast of Ka, we have an in-depth discussion of Chapter Three of The Gunslinger, The Oracle and The Mountains. We also talk government mind control, what else we’ve been reading, and how to make a fool of yourself when you’re a tourist.

The Cast of Ka: Episode 4

Stream Queens Episode 11: Intruders

In this week’s episode of the Stream Queens, we embrace the madness with our review of Intruders (2011). We talk Clive Owens’ undeniable handsomeness; why dream sequences ARE. THE. WORST.; Carice van Houten’s boobs; times we hallucinated like the nuts we are; and finally getting the whole “Randy Quaid thing.”

Stream Queens Horror Podcast Episode 11

Zombie Grrlz Episode 43: Night of the Creeps

This week the whole gang is back! Yep, that’s right—Rachel, Ariel, Sarah, Matilda, and Jodie are all assembled to review the space slugs epic, Night of the Creeps! We talk nekkid baby aliens, long lost ’80s mustaches, unsung bad ass bitches with flamethrowers, tan-lined boobies, the glorious masculinity of Tom Atkins, and whether Stryper does indeed rule (spoiler alert: No. No they don’t.).

Zombie Grrlz Horror Podcast Episode 43

The Cast of Ka Episode 3: Book One – Chapter 2

In this episode of The Cast of Ka, we have an in-depth discussion of Chapter Two of The Gunslinger, The Waystation. We also debate proper spider disposal policies (both mutant and true threaded), visiting the locations of some of our favorite childhood films, and Rachel goes way, way, way down the rabbit hole to discover something spooky and Dark Tower-y secretly hiding in our midst.

The Cast of Ka: Episode 3

Stream Queens Episode 10: Deathgasm

We unleash our inner metal gods with a review of the horror comedy Deathgasm. We talk corpse paint, death by dildos, kiwi accents, true black metal, and get unexpectedly tipsy with this week’s drink pairing. We also talk about Marrs’ refusal to wear pants, ridiculous band names, and why horses are like wizards.

Stream Queens Horror Podcast Episode 10

Zombie Grrlz Episode 42: Poultrygeist

Rachel, Sarah and Matilda tackle Sarah’s first staff pick, Poultrygeist: Night of the Chicken Dead. The crew gets an education in Troma 101 as we talk epic butthole violence, punching down, natural boobs, and musical theater. Plus, Sarah gives Rachel the one-two trauma punch of food horror followed by a eight-legged tale that will haunt your nightmares.

Zombie Grrlz Horror Podcast Episode 42

The Cast of Ka Episode 2: Book One – Chapter 1 Sections 11-20

In this episode of The Cast of Ka, we finish up chapter one of The Gunslinger with an in-depth discussion of sections 11-20. We also talk about all the awesome Dark Tower movie news coming out of Comic-Con. Rachel geeks out over the Sombra app and Charlie the Choo-Choo book, and Deejay gives us our first lesson in how to speak like a Mid-Worlder—if you can it!

The Cast of Ka: Episode 2

Stream Queens Episode 9: Would You Rather

We attend the worst dinner party ever with our review of Would You Rather. We talk about Jeffery Combs’ mustache twirlingly excellent performance, our crippling fear of fireworks, debate if Dubai is really just a human hunting ground for rich folks, and Marrs plays an impromptu round of Would You Rather. We also review The Shallows.

Stream Queens Horror Podcast Episode 9

Zombie Grrlz Episode 41: Ghostbusters (2016)

In this episode, Rachel is joined by Marrs and special guest Bierly to review our most anticipated movie of the summer, the all-female led Ghostbusters reboot. As if that weren’t exciting enough, we also took our show on the road with our first-ever episode recorded in “Studio B” (aka Rachel’s car) so that we could give our thoughts both before and after the movie.

Zombie Grrlz Horror Podcast Episode 41

The Cast of Ka Episode 1 : Book One – Chapter 1 Sections 1-10

Introducing our brand new show: The Cast of Ka, which all about Stephen King’s epic Dark Tower book series! To kick things off, we begin with an in-depth review of chapter 1, sections 1-10 of The Gunslinger. We also dig into the interconnected world of Stephen King’s book universe and give our thoughts on everything we know about the film adaptation so far.

The Cast of Ka: Episode 1

Stream Queens Episode 8: Cold In July

In this week’s episode of the Stream Queens, we dig into the some Southern noir with a review of Jim Mickle’s genre-bender Cold In July.

Stream Queens Horror Podcast Episode 8

Zombie Grrlz Bonus Episode: Game of Thrones Episodes 7-10

There’s no arguing that the second half of season six of Game of Thrones was epic, so we thought it only makes sense that our recap would be epic, too… especially long, that is.

Zombie Grrlz Horror Podcast Bonus Episode

Stream Queens Episode 7: Grand Piano

In this week’s episode of the Stream Queens, we class up the joint with a review of Grand Piano. We talk classy vs sexy thrillers, John Cusack’s hair system, and reminisce about our favorite concerts ever.

Stream Queens Horror Podcast Episode 7

Zombie Grrlz Episode 40: Tale of Tales

Rachel and Ariel discuss the dark, bloody, sexy side of fairy tales with a review of Tale of Tales. The duo also reminisces about the past 40 episodes, talks gritty British crime dramas, and debates the cuteness of manatees.

Zombie Grrlz Horror Podcast Episode 40

Stream Queens Episode 6: Black Death

Marrs and Rachel engage in some good old fashioned heresy with our review of Black Death. We discuss Eddie Redmayne’s inexplicably sexy tonsure, all the buboes, and Rachel confesses her nearly life-long obsession with the Black Plague.

Stream Queens Horror Podcast Episode 6

Zombie Grrlz Bonus Episode: Game of Thrones – Episodes 1-6

Brace yourself for an epic auditory assault of geekery, because this week Rachel and Jodie do what they do best: Shamelessly dig into the minutiae of Game of Thrones.

Zombie Grrlz Horror Podcast Bonus Episode

Stream Queens Episode 5: 12 Days of Terror

For this episode of the Stream Queens, we dive deep into Marrs’ greatest fear, sharks, with our review of the most terrifying film ever to premiere on Animal Planet, 12 Days of Terror. Hey, they can’t all be winners, right?

Stream Queens Horror Podcast Episode 5

Zombie Grrlz Episode 39: Green Room

Rachel, Ariel, and Matilda brave some good old fashioned backwoods horror—with a Neo-Nazi twist—with our review of Green Room.

Zombie Grrlz Horror Podcast Episode 39

Stream Queens Episode 4: The Shrine

Marrs and Rachel review a movie about a killer immortal who lies in wait in the woods to invade the craniums of unsuspecting, nubile, and sexually frustrated young Americans, with our review of … The Shrine.

Stream Queens Horror Podcast Episode 4

Zombie Grrlz Episode 38: He Never Died

Pardon us as we fan-girl out over one Mr. Henry Rollins, as we review the cannibal(ish?) horror comedy He Never Died.

Zombie Grrlz Horror Podcast Episode 38

Stream Queens Episode 3: The Taking of Deborah Logan

Well folks, you’re in for a treat because this week’s episode of Stream Queens is wall-to-wall demonic polyglots, unhinged lady-jaws, and even some good old fashioned (revolting) molting with our review of the found footage shocker The Taking of Deborah Logan.

Stream Queens Horror Podcast Episode 3

Zombie Grrlz Episode 37: Hush

Jodie, Sarah, and Rachel are back for episode 37 to review Hush, a movie about home invasion, crossbows, wasp spray, and oh-so deadly, be-masked beta males.

Zombie Grrlz Horror Podcast Episode 37

Stream Queens Episode 2: 100 Bloody Acres

Marrs and Rachel return for this week’s episode of Stream Queens where we have a bloody good time down ‘unda with a review of the horror comedy 100 Bloody Acres.

Stream Queens Horror Podcast Episode 2

Zombie Grrlz Episode 36: Nina Forever

For this episode, the ZG Crew get deeply personal with our review of Nina Forever, a movie about an extremely awkward and bloody menage à trois.

Zombie Grrlz Horror Podcast Episode 36

Stream Queens Episode 1: The Den

For our inaugural episode, Marrs chose the oh-so-creepy voyeuristic slasher, The Den. Extreme crackpottery and paranoia ensue.

Stream Queens Horror Podcast Episode 1

Zombie Grrlz Episode 35: 10 Cloverfield Lane

For this episode, the ZG Crew gathered in our imaginary bunker to review the almost unbearably tense 10 Cloverfield Lane. We talk Tiffany covers, John Goodman’s sweet, sweet booty-shaking moves, and Matilda shocks us all with her twisted air vent desires.    

Zombie Grrlz Horror Podcast Episode 35!

Zombie Grrlz Episode 34: Megan Is Missing (Unearthed Episode)

In this episode, the ZG crew jumps in the way-back machine again to dig up a previously unreleased episode! The whole gang has assembled to review the controversial teen cautionary tale Megan is Missing.

Zombie Grrlz Horror Podcast Episode 34!

Zombie Grrlz Episode 33: The Witch & Haxan

In this episode, the ZG crew takes a walk on the heretical side with reviews of The Witch and Haxan: Witchcraft Through the Ages. We talk erotic nuns, awkward breastfeeding, spooky twins, supernatural ointment, and the creepiest damn goat on the planet, one Mr. Black Phillip.

Zombie Grrlz Horror Podcast Episode 33!

Zombie Grrlz Episode 32: It Follows & Contracted

This week the ZG crew discusses the dark side of knocking boots, with two films that explore sexually transmitted terror: It Follows and Contracted. We also dig into the first couple episodes of the revamped X-Files and our oh-so-complicated feelings about The Hateful Eight.

Zombie Grrlz Horror Podcast Episode 32!

Zombie Grrlz Episode 31: The Poughkeepsie Tapes (An Unearthed Episode)

Back in 2011, we recorded a handful of podcasts that for various reasons never made it to light—until now. This week we dig back into the archives for our review of The Poughkeepsie Tapes.

Zombie Grrlz Horror Podcast Episode 31!

Zombie Grrlz Episode 30: 2015 In Review

The Zombie Grrlz ring in the new year with a look back at 2015. We talk about the highlights — and a few low lights — of 2015 horror cinema.

Zombie Grrlz Horror Podcast Episode 30!

Zombie Grrlz Episode 29: Mama & Lords Of Salem

Sure, motherhood can be rewarding and wonderful and all, but there is a darker side to all those maternal feelings. In part one of our new Motherhood Horror series, we tackle the concept of “reluctant mothers” with reviews of Mama and The Lords of Salem.

Zombie Grrlz Horror Podcast Episode 29!

screamZombie Grrlz Episode 28: A Scream Retrospective

It was inevitable! Now is the time in Zombie Grrlz Podcast history where we attempt to take on the Scream franchise. Rachel, Sarah and Matilda attempt this this lofty goal, which we meet to varying degrees of success. Mostly we just laugh at the styles of the ’90s, confess our allegiance to Gale Weathers and lament the very existence of Scream 3. In this episode we also discuss the Evil Dead remake, the TV miniseries Top of the Lake and the (kinda racist) season two and three of The Walking Dead.

Zombie Grrlz Horror Podcast Episode 28!

americanmaryBigZombie Grrlz Episode 27: A Soska Sisters Retrospective

Happy Women In Horror Month! To celebrate this joyous time of year we are taking a close look at the works of Jen and Sylvia Soska with reviews of Dead Hooker in a Trunk and American Mary. In this episode we talk forcible castration, voluntary female circumcision, body modification, goat love and magically healing arms—and generally geek out on the Twisted Twins filmography. Seriously, these two are the filmmakers to watch!

Zombie Grrlz Horror Podcast Episode 27!

claricestarlingZombie Grrlz Episode 26: Ode to Clarice Starling

We’re baaack! Since we had so much fun talking about all things Ripley in the previous episode we thought we’d have another go at one of our favorite horror (adjacent) leading ladies, Agent Clarice Starling! We talk cannibalism (obvs), transgender representation in films, death by curling iron in the lady parts and childhood FBI aspirations.

Zombie Grrlz Horror Podcast Episode 26!

Zombie Grrlz Episode 25: All About Ripley

We’ve threatened this episode for three years and at long last it’s finally here: The Ripley Special. Rachel, Ariel, Matilda and Explodey Jo discuss our all time fave horror heroine Ellen Ripley as we take on the the Alien Quadrilogy. And clocking in at an epic three frickin’ hours, we clearly have have a whole lot to say about the scourge of xenomorph kind.

Zombie Grrlz Horror Podcast Episode 25!

Zombie Grrlz Episode 24: 2011 in Review

At last! We’re back for episode 24. Rachel, Sarah and Explodey Jo wax nostalgic on what 2011 (an otherwise craptastic year) brought us on the silver screen and TV. We talk: Game of Thrones, American Horror Story, Dexter, the life sucking joy of Skyrim, creepy 8-bit spiders, we uncover Explodey’s (not so) secret facial hair lust, and why some times a bad touch can be good times — and a whole lot more. Plus, we take a look forward to what diabolical delights await us in 2012.

Zombie Grrlz Horror Podcast Episode 24!

Zombie Grrlz Episode 23: The Blob (1988)

In episode 23 Rachel, Summer, Ariel, Sarah, Matilda and Explodey Jo talk intergalactic, murderous loogies, deadly date rape, Bill Moseley’s aggressive eyebrows, juvenile delinquents and the awesomeness of Shawnee Smith—with our review the fantastic remake of The Blob. We also debate the hotness (or lack there of) of vampire sex, Rachel does several bad accents, one ZG shares how The Blob helped shape her sexuality and since we’re oh-so-fancy, we talk popular (apocalyptic) fiction.

Zombie Grrlz Horror Podcast 23!

Zombie Grrlz Episode 22: The Slumber Party Massacre

Rachel, Ariel, Explodey Jo and Sarah host this very special podcast slumber party spectacular—and you’re invited!
We managed to pull ourselves away from braiding eachother’s hair and practicing french kissing on our hands just long enough to to have a verbal pillowfight over the quasi-feminist ’80s slasher The Slumber Party Massacre, the pleasure of white trash beer and geek out over Game of Thrones.

Zombie Grrlz Horror Podcast 22!

Zombie Grrlz Episode 21: Return of the Living Dead

I can’t believe it took us so long to to get around to this undead punkrock masterpiece but in Episode 21 are we finally are taking on Return of the Living Dead—and fighting epic hangovers to boot!
Joining Summer, Ariel, Sarah and I.. and making their Zombie Grrlz debut are Explodey Jo and Matilda aka Crematoria Steinem! We also unveil our hangover cures, denounce rubber merkins and giveaway the secret of my Star Wars-themed and guaranteed to get you naked wasted recipe for Calrissian Cooler.

Zombie Grrlz Horror Podcast 21!

Zombie Grrlz Episode 20: Rec and Rec 2

Episode 20 in which we discuss the fantastic Spanish demonic outbreak series [REC] and [REC] 2!
Plus, we talk homoerotic slashers, necrophilia, troll hunting and the vampire apocalypse courtesy of Stake Land. We’re also super juiced to introduce the first of several new Zombie Grrlz, Sarah aka Coffeemug!
Stay tuned for the outtakes for tales in micronapping, gold bikinis and hot podcaster on microphone action!

Zombie Grrlz Horror Podcast 20!

Zombie Grrlz Episode 19: 30 Days of Night and 30 Days of Night: Dark Days

Did you really think we were gone forever? Back by popular demand, we rise from the semi dead for episode 19! In this episode Ariel and I are hot for vamp action in the Arctic Circle with 30 Days of Night and its not-so-hot sequel, 30 Days of Night: Dark Days. We discuss what it is about those bloodsuckers that stands the test of time and why we need more vamp flicks like this pronto. Plus, we also get some fantastic feedback and we kick off our new homework segment with reviews of The Last House on the Left (1972) and Frankenstein (1935).

Zombie Grrlz Horror Podcast 19!

Zombie Grrlz Episode 18: Teeth and Rabid

Vaginas, can’t live with ‘em… can’t survive an attacking one—apparently.

In episode 18 Summer, Ariel, our fabulous guest host Lisa and I get deep (see what I did there… sigh…yes, I am ashamed of myself for that one) into lady parts horror and castration fear discussing the 2007 vagina dentata spectacular Teeth and David Cronenberg’s Vampire-Zombie-Armpit-Vagina-Phallus epic, Rabid.

Zombie Grrlz Horror Podcast 18!

Zombie Grrlz Episode 17: The Last Exorcism and The Exorcism of Emily Rose

We love us some Jennifer Carpenter round these parts, and in Episode 17 we celebrate her stunning breakthrough role as the demon possessed in The Exorcism of Emily Rose! (FYI: The premiere of season 5 of Dexter *cannot* come fast enough!) And do battle with the newly unleashed (and surprisingly divisive) The Last Exorcism, a mockumentry supernatural thriller.

Zombie Grrlz Horror Podcast 17!

Zombie Grrlz Episode 16: The Descent and The Descent II

n episode 16 all the girls return to talk about the suffocatingly claustrophobic critterfest, The Descent and its craptastic (in more way than one) sequel, The Descent 2. We kick the show off with some great debate about the I Spit on Your Grave remake but somehow end up talking poo… sigh…what can I say, there’s really something for everyone this time around.

Zombie Grrlz Horror Podcast 16!

Zombie Grrlz Episode 15: The Basketcase Triple Feature

In episode 15 Summer, Ariel and I take on the infamous Basketcase series. We decided to do this episode marathon style, watching Basketcase, Basketcase II and Basketcase III back, to back, to gag inducing back, only taking breaks to record while the trauma was still fresh, and to fetch more beer. Needless to say there was plenty of drinking and Meatwad copulation talk.

Zombie Grrlz Horror Podcast 15!

Zombie Grrlz Episode 14: Outpost Doom

we’ve finally managed to get our hands and eyeballs on the Dead Lantern magnum opus Outpost Doom! We give our thoughts on the flick and the emerging talent behind it. We also manage to get the lead actor’s name wrong—for the record, it’s Jeremy, not Braden. Oopsie! We talk with none other than Ax Wound zine maven and Women in Horror Month founder (and our new No. 1 girlie crush) Hannah Neurotica, who chats us up about the new annual February genre-lady lovefest (WIHM).

Zombie Grrlz Horror Podcast 14!

deadalive_thumbZombie Grrlz Episode 13: Kiwi Horror

Brianne, Summer and I go waaaaay down und’a and talk kiwi horror with reviews of The Ugly and Dead Alive. Give our list of the best genre flicks of 2009 and in video game talk Randiskull and I go medieval on the Dante’s Inferno demo. To close out the show we have a Zombie Grrlz first, an interview with Dollar Bin Horror’s Rhonny Reaper!

Zombie Grrlz Horror Podcast 13!

Zombie Grrlz Episode 12: Grace and Dead Girl

Geekiness,  feminist indignation and accidental inappropriate touching abound as all four zombie grrlz reunite for episode 12 to talk zombie rape, breast milk fetishists and Nicolas Cage’s serial hair-do distress—and I’m forced hand over my feminist card for a wholly inappropriate joke…oops! We review festival faves Grace and Deadgirl and bemoan the misguided shelving of the recently liberated Trick ‘r Treat.

Zombie Grrlz Horror Podcast 12!

episode11_thumbZombie Grrlz Episode 11: Jennifer’s Body, Heathers and Ginger Snaps

We are back and  watch out, we’ve got our feminist dander up! We delve into female-centric horror: the high school edition, with a discussion of Heathers, Ginger Snaps and the inexplicably maligned Jennifer’s Body. We also talk Nightmare on Elm Street remake, I go dreamy-eyed over Diablo Cody (can you blame me?) and share our personal tales of teenage-girl horror.

Zombie Grrlz Horror Podcast 11!

episode10_thumbZombie Grrlz Episode 10: We Love Zombies

Aw yeah—double digits, baby! That’s right: I’ve managed to herd cats… er… my fellow podcasters 10 times, and to celebrate this achievement the ladies have all come together to talk about our favorite sub-genre. The one that eats your brains, can be both slow & shambling or fast ‘n’ raging (don’t even go there, shambling elitists!) and that only total cranial devastation can put down—Zombie flicks!

Zombie Grrlz Horror Podcast 10!

SickGirl_thumbZombie Grrlz Episode 09: Showtime’s Masters of Horror (Season One)

The Last Grrl and I dissect the Showtime horror anthology series Masters of Horror: Season One. While some episodes should have been on the Masters of Bore series, there are a few gems that belong at the top of every horror fan’s must-see list. We also discuss the Poltergeist remake, the new trailer for the intriguingly blasphemous Legion and Ariel persists in baffling me with her desire to see Rob Zombie’s Halloween 2.

Zombie Grrlz Horror Podcast 09!

Orphan_ThumbZombie Grrlz Episode 08: Orphan

Technical difficulties be damned! We are back for episode 08, which is packed to its undead gills with content–and of course plenty of our patented off-topic ramble-y nonsense! Summer and I tuck into (and thoroughly spoil) the twistacular progeny from hell film, Orphan. We also discuss The Mutant Chronicles and the alien invasion flick with a message District 9.

Zombie Grrlz Horror Podcast 08!

hauntinginconnecticut_thumbZombie Grrlz Episode 07: A Haunting in Connecticut

Summer is back! We catch up on all the horror we’ve consumed, talk swine flu, read all kinds of kick ass mail and wrap up Drag Me to Hell. We review, Guillermo Del Toro and Chuck Hogan’s excellent The Strain. Also returning for her second episode is Brianne the Reanimatress!! She and I dissect the ghost-tacular A Haunting in Connecticut. Brianne also manages to
commit a few felonies as we go completely off track… yeah it’s just that kind of episode, folks.

Zombie Grrlz Horror Podcast 07!


Zombie Grrlz Episode 06: Splinter & Drag Me to Hell

This week The Last Grrl and I take listener Newty’s wise advice and tackle the kick-ass skin crawler, Splinter! (box cutter amputation.. yum!). We go all fangrrl-on-crack over the Sam Raimi masterpiece Drag Me to Hell. And I go bonkers for God of War III (what can I say? I love me some Ghost of Sparta!)

Zombie Grrlz Horror Podcast 06!

badassbitches_thumb1Zombie Grrlz Episode 05: The Bad Ass Bitches of Horror

It’s all about the bad ass bitches that we Zombie Grrlz love this week! Ariel is back to lend a hand along with a brand new zombie grrl, Brianne a.k.a. The Reanimatress. Together we discuss who makes our get out of jail free lists, the return of True Blood and this week’s Netflix streaming pick: A Robert Englund double feature!

Zombie Grrlz Horror Podcast 05!

deadset_thumbZombie Grrlz Episode 04: Dead Set

Summer makes her triumphant return and spills all about the cheesetastic flicks she caught since we last saw her. I ramble like a fool and we review the British zombie miniseries Dead Set, that kicks so much ass it’ll give you foot pains!!

Zombie Grrlz Horror Podcast Episode 04

thechildren_thumbZombie Grrlz Episode 03: The Children

The Zombie Grrlz nation grows in episode 03 with our new guest co-host The Last Grrl aka Ariel. We get the low down from Randiskull about some deliciously gory video games coming our way soon,  review a womb shriveling flick called The Children, read some killer fan mail and I confess my deep and shameful  love of crappy thriller movies– Oh the shame!!

Zombie Grrlz Horror Podcast Episode 03


Zombie Grrlz Episode 02: Alien Raiders

We try a little structure, but mostly Summer just gets drunk and I go all geeky.  We talk Alien Raiders, Watchmen, Resident Evil 5 and vagina dentata! A wholesome good time all around!

Zombie Grrlz Horror Podcast Episode 02


Zombie Grrlz Episode 01: Rec vs Quarantine

In our first episode, the Grrlz talk remakes, discuss the superiority of [Rec] over Quarantine and review the disapointing Dead Birds follow-up Red Sands! le sigh.

Zombie Grrlz Horror Podcast Episode 01