Stream Queens Horror Podcast Episode 10: Deathgasm


In this week’s episode of the Stream Queens, we unleash our inner metal gods with a review of the horror comedy Deathgasm. We talk corpse paint, death by dildos, kiwi accents, true black metal, and get unexpectedly tipsy with this week’s drink pairing. We also talk about Marrs’ refusal to wear pants, ridiculous band names,…

Zombie Grrlz Horror Podcast Episode 42: Poultrygeist


In this episode, Rachel is joined by Sarah and Matilda to tackle Sarah’s first staff pick, Poultrygeist: Night of the Chicken Dead. The crew gets an education in Troma 101 (spoiler alert: one of us has never seen a Troma film before) as we talk epic butthole violence, punching down, natural boobs, and musical theater….

The Cast of Ka – Episode 2

cast of ka-episode-2

Welcome back! In this episode of The Cast of Ka, we finish up chapter one of The Gunslinger with an in-depth discussion of sections 11-20. We also talk about all the awesome Dark Tower movie news coming out of Comic-Con. Rachel geeks out over the Sombra app and Charlie the Choo-Choo book, and Deejay gives…

Stream Queens Horror Podcast Episode 9: Would You Rather


In this week’s episode of the Stream Queens, we attend the worst dinner party ever with our review of Would You Rather. We talk about Jeffery Combs’ mustache twirlingly excellent performance, our crippling fear of fireworks, debate if Dubai is really just a human hunting ground for rich folks, and Marrs plays an impromptu round…

Zombie Grrlz Horror Podcast Episode 41: Ghostbusters


In this episode, Rachel is joined by Marrs and special guest Bierly to review our most anticipated movie of the summer, the all-female led Ghostbusters reboot. As if that weren’t exciting enough, we also took our show on the road with our first-ever episode recorded in “Studio B” (aka Rachel’s car) so that we could…

The Cast of Ka – Episode 1


Exciting news! The Zombie Grrlz Horror Podcast family is growing again. Introducing our brand new show: The Cast of Ka, which all about Stephen King’s epic Dark Tower book series! The Cast of Ka is part book club, part movie news updates, and part nonsense rambling about various geeky sundries. Joining Rachel to talk all…

Stream Queens Horror Podcast Episode 8: Cold In July


In this week’s episode of the Stream Queens, we dig into the some Southern noir with a review of Jim Mickle’s genre-bender Cold In July. We discuss awesome retrowave synth scores, paternal ambiguity, the delightfulness of one Mr. Don Johnson, and show our appreciation for Michael C. Hall’s understated and period-appropriate mullet. We also share…

Zombie Grrlz Horror Podcast Bonus Episode: Game of Thrones Season 6 Episodes 7-10


(Spoiler Warning: Everything that has happened in Game of Thrones up to season 6, episode 10 is fair game in this episode, as well anything from the books, or internet fan theories.) There’s no arguing that the second half of season six of Game of Thrones was epic, so we thought it only makes sense…

Stream Queens Horror Podcast Episode 7: Grand Piano


In this week’s episode of the Stream Queens, we class up the joint with a review of Grand Piano. We talk classy vs. sexy thrillers, John Cusack’s hair system, and reminisce about our favorite concerts ever. We also compare cinematic cod piece notes, talk childhood celebrity crushes, the creepy nun in The Conjuring 2, and Rachel…

Zombie Grrlz Horror Podcast Episode 40: Tale of Tales


In this episode, Rachel and Ariel discuss the dark, bloody, sexy side of fairy tales with a review of Tale of Tales. The duo also reminisces about the past 40 episodes, talks gritty British crime dramas, and debates the cuteness of manatees. Stay tuned to the outtakes for Rachel’s best imitation of… err… Rachel. Plus,…